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RISTO® Stone carpet 

RISTO® Stone Carpet is suitable as a floor covering in new buildings and for renovations and is an excellent alternative to conventional floor coverings. It can be installed on all dimensionally stable, solid and dry substrates. Installed seamlessly from wall to wall, it blends seamlessly into your space and reaches the smallest corners. 

Because the ambient air penetrates the pores of the gravel floor, it always feels warm and comfortable. 

Of course, our stone carpet is ideally suited for underfloor heating systems. The pleasant warmth has a faster effect on the feet, because the air between the quartz gravel grains is heated immediately and the numerous pores allow the heat to pass through optimally. 

The gravel floor has an open-pored structure by nature. Therefore, the standard laying does not require any further post-treatment. For hygienic reasons, the entire surfaces in kitchens, WC / toilets as well as bathrooms and showers are sealed with a "pore seal".

Low-emission modernization with RISTO®.

The Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB) analyzes emissions of volatile organic compounds in building products. In Germany, for example, only coatings that have been tested according to the AgBB specifications and approved by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik may be used for floors in recreation rooms. RISTO® floors are produced completely low-emission on request, from the tested and approved primer to the epoxy resin. Because your health is naturally close to our hearts.

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