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    Cleaning and maintenance procedures: Low-maintenance indoors, it is sufficient to clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. Stains such as coffee, copier toner and ink colors are easy to remove. In case of heavy soiling, the floors can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner. In outdoor areas with water, brush or high-pressure cleaner with flat jet (no dirt miller). Distance from the nozzle to the floor at least 10 cm.

    Surface treatment

    The standard installation does not require any further post-treatment. For extremely heavy use, a surface sealant is applied. For hygienic reasons, surfaces in kitchens, WC / toilets as well as bathrooms and showers are sealed with a "pore seal".


    Any solid, load-bearing substrate such as concrete, screed, asphalt, stone, tile, marble is suitable. In the interior also on wood and chipboard. On soft and yielding substrates, such as thermal insulation or cork, installation in self-supporting thickness (approx. 15-18 mm) is possible.

    Curing time

    After 24 hours the stone carpet can be walked on and after 7 days it can be fully loaded chemically.

    Stone carpet in office areas

    The Risto stone granulate floor in its normal, open-pored state is not suitable for withstanding the load of chair castors in the long term. To solve this problem, there are two possible solutions. 

    1. office chair pads for hard floors, which are available from specialist dealers, are used in the relevant areas. These will protect the stone granule floor from the wear and damage caused by continuous chair castor use. 

    2. the corresponding areas are sealed with epoxy pore sealant. This closes the pores of the stone granule floor and makes it durable enough to withstand continuous chair castor use. 

    Furthermore, the surfaces do not stain as much and liquids can no longer seep into the subfloor. This also changes the surface texture of the stone granule flooring in terms of slip resistance and appearance.

    Quality that leaves nothing to be desired

    CE marking
    Extremely resilient
    Slip resistance

    R9 / R10 (depending on grain size)

    Sound absorbing

    DIN EN ISO 354 and DIN EN ISO 11654

    Non-combustible with low combustible content

    nach DIN EN-13501-1:A2FLs-1

    suitable for underfloor heating
    frost resistant
    wheelchair accessible
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