We place nature at your feet.

Amongst the wide variety of flooring, a surface made of stone is certainly one of the most beautiful and durable choices. Whether used for your business or your home, outside or inside, with this flooring system you always get a special, naturally fashionable atmosphere.

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Risto GmbH & Co.KG is a modern, dynamic and growing company. Since it’s founding in 1977,  RISTO® has been at the forefront of durable and decorative flooring, in Germany and beyond. What we have to offer is experience, professional employees, adherence to schedules, service and quality products.

Infinite possibilities.

Stone surfaces offer unlimited possibilities. As a base material we offer a choice between either quartz or marble granules. These two materials can be further defined into grain size and color, then mixed to match your personal taste. For the finishing touch, gold or silver shimmer and/or other special material can be added. When we say variety, we mean it.

A Tasteful alternative to tiles, laminate, and others.

If you are considering a renovation to your home, stone surfaces are tasteful alternatives. Our granules are optimally suited for large or small spaces, such as balconies, bathrooms, and staircases, inside and out. Natural stone surfaces in your bathroom will, no doubt, delight you everyday anew.

RISTO® stands for excellence in quality.

That coupled with our cost effective nature, a decision for  RISTO® stone surfaces affords you valuable and durable floors that keep an outstanding look for decades to come. Are you a homeowner and want to get your balcony renovated or have your staircase coated? A business owner looking to create an exciting space to work in? We realize that you have certain expectations. Which is why we are always open to your requests and ideas. We look forward to meeting with you and exchanging ideas. 
Highest quality from RISTO® – floors made of marble granules and stone carpets.

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